Tsuki and goodbye JS

Hi, Lino here. I have some fresh news for you guys :D

We’re still searching for the most suitable tool to make our games. We’ve tried native iOS code, canvas and Javascript (mostly because we want to easily distribute on many platforms)  and now we are taking a look on Lua. That means that I’m giving goodbye to Javascript (it was just a summer love u_u’), mostly because Lua is easier to run in any place and also it’s fast!

Lua language

So now I’m going to rebuild the Redo engine on Lua and – look – will be Open-Source! From now on, its name will be: tsuki (lua means moon in portuguese, and tsuki is moon in japanese). Soon we will launch a page on Github and a map editor for iPad. In fact, most of the hard work will be done by an existing tool, like Löve2D for Mac, Windows and Linux. I hope to finish asap and finally begin to work on Redo’s chapter 2 … ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌