Our OUYA arrived!

Hello, Lino here  ( ̄∠  ̄ )ノ

Today’s hot news: we finally have our own OUYA! <3

As we promised last year, Redo is being remade for this platform. I would say that it’s 25% done. With that said, I’d like to introduce my new best friends: XCode, Tsuki and Gideros!

I’m really dropping JavaScript. I chose Gideros for the OUYA migration because it uses Lua and his player system is very cool. I highly recommend this tool. In initial tests I got 60fps on a 1080p TV, which I think is amazing!

I am also using the Tiled editor, but this one is not as cool. The reason: I did all maps and it was very nice until find out that this software can’t work with scripts. So when I needed to add a Lua script to a tile Tiled just didn’t let me do this. So I’m making the level editor ‘tsuki’ … yay!

It’s basically a tool to add the script functionality in a .tmx file.


We are very excited about the OUYA and what it can do. We’ll be back soon with more news, see ya!