Global Game Jam 2014 report

Another year, another GGJ, another game!

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This year we participated in the USP jam site, which is very close to our home. Before getting there, we decided to make something simple and not to stress out. That’s because the week had been very tough and Lino would code again on the ipad.

The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. Each team had some time to think, and then there was a big discussion with everyone, which was pretty cool! (it was a small site, with about 20 people and 5 teams)

We decided to use the first idea we had, a quiz with shadows, something like “who’s that pokémon”. The challenge is that the silhouettes aren’t very intuitive, so you need to associate the shape, hints and choices to guess it right.


We were about to finish the game, but then, 3 hours before the ending, we were informed that Lino’s grandfather had passed away. We left the jam immediately and took the bus from São Paulo to Londrina (it’s a 8 hours trip). So only today we started working on the game again.

Well, that’s the summary of our jam.
Here’s a small video showing the art process of it, but it contains spoilers!