Redo OST . Beer Theme

Last week we shared one of the songs of Redo’s Original Soundtrack. Today we bring you another one, It’s called “Beer”

~旦_(^O^ )

Redo OST . Theme music

Hi, guys. So, we still working on Redo around here. Meanwhile here’s a song from the game’s original soundtrack. Enjoy!

Global Game Jam 2014 report

Another year, another GGJ, another game!

click here to play

(click the image to play)

This year we participated in the USP jam site, which is very close to our home. Before getting there, we decided to make something simple and not to stress out. That’s because the week had been very tough and Lino would code again on the ipad.

The theme was “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. Each team had some time to think, and then there was a big discussion with everyone, which was pretty cool! (it was a small site, with about 20 people and 5 teams)

We decided to use the first idea we had, a quiz with shadows, something like “who’s that pokémon”. The challenge is that the silhouettes aren’t very intuitive, so you need to associate the shape, hints and choices to guess it right.


We were about to finish the game, but then, 3 hours before the ending, we were informed that Lino’s grandfather had passed away. We left the jam immediately and took the bus from São Paulo to Londrina (it’s a 8 hours trip). So only today we started working on the game again.

Well, that’s the summary of our jam.
Here’s a small video showing the art process of it, but it contains spoilers!

Our OUYA arrived!

Hello, Lino here  ( ̄∠  ̄ )ノ

Today’s hot news: we finally have our own OUYA! <3

As we promised last year, Redo is being remade for this platform. I would say that it’s 25% done. With that said, I’d like to introduce my new best friends: XCode, Tsuki and Gideros!

I’m really dropping JavaScript. I chose Gideros for the OUYA migration because it uses Lua and his player system is very cool. I highly recommend this tool. In initial tests I got 60fps on a 1080p TV, which I think is amazing!

I am also using the Tiled editor, but this one is not as cool. The reason: I did all maps and it was very nice until find out that this software can’t work with scripts. So when I needed to add a Lua script to a tile Tiled just didn’t let me do this. So I’m making the level editor ‘tsuki’ … yay!

It’s basically a tool to add the script functionality in a .tmx file.


We are very excited about the OUYA and what it can do. We’ll be back soon with more news, see ya!

Twin Teams Academy – update one


As we promised, here’s an update about Twin Teams Academy. The great news today is: we’ll have a particle system! This is a nice feature and the result is this one that you see here:

fire charge kobold

A Particle System is responsible for the creation of the particles and the update of its position, color and opacity. With this we can make effects of fire, smoke, explosions, acid attacks that inflicts poison etc.

That’s all for now, hope you enjoyed! ( because it gave me a lot of work (T ⌓ T) OMG, I’m dead… )


announcing Twin Teams Academy

Hello, Lino here. Today we have a new game to announce… \(◕‿◕)ゝ ha!

It’ll be a larger – and full of power-ups – version of the origial Twin Teams, which we’ve created during SPJam 2012. The name is:


Up until now we have these new features:

 New Mechanics, with more gameplay ways to be included along the game.
Improved Graphics, including animations that were left out due the rush of the Jam.
– Waves and enemy formations, to make the gameplay more fun and strategic.

This new version will also be free, this time available for iPhones with iOS 6 and hopefully for Androids Jelly Bean. We’ll be back soon with ingame screens.

PS: meanwhile you can still play the original version, made in only 48 hours!

Tsuki and goodbye JS

Hi, Lino here. I have some fresh news for you guys :D

We’re still searching for the most suitable tool to make our games. We’ve tried native iOS code, canvas and Javascript (mostly because we want to easily distribute on many platforms)  and now we are taking a look on Lua. That means that I’m giving goodbye to Javascript (it was just a summer love u_u’), mostly because Lua is easier to run in any place and also it’s fast!

Lua language

So now I’m going to rebuild the Redo engine on Lua and – look – will be Open-Source! From now on, its name will be: tsuki (lua means moon in portuguese, and tsuki is moon in japanese). Soon we will launch a page on Github and a map editor for iPad. In fact, most of the hard work will be done by an existing tool, like Löve2D for Mac, Windows and Linux. I hope to finish asap and finally begin to work on Redo’s chapter 2 … ┐( ̄ヮ ̄)┌


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